Do You Need an Electrical Repair?

Sometimes electrical problems can sneak up on you. You might notice a dimming of your lights at odd times or realize that you have been changing certain light bulbs far more frequently than you once did. In other cases, electrical problems can be shockingly quick and sudden. Whatever situation you find yourself in, it is important to have your electrical repair completed by professionals. Here at Lake Electric Co. Inc., we recommend that you consider an electrical repair in the following situations:

  • When you are consistently blowing fuses or circuit breakers. When you blow a fuse or need to switch the circuit breaker occasionally, then this is not a big deal. Usually, it just means that a circuit was overloaded, and you make adjustments. However, if it happens regularly, then you likely are overloading the electrical capacity of your property.
  • If your lights flicker, dim or go through light bulbs quickly. Your lights provide a convenient visual indicator for how well your circuits are working. If your lights are showing problems and the wattage is correct, then you likely need an electrical repair.
  • When there is a burning smell after using an outlet. A burning smell can be a sign of an electrical wire overheating. This is a potential fire hazard and should be remedied immediately by professionals.
  • If you experience sparks anywhere ever. Sparks are not something that you should expect in your electricity and can be a warning signs of potential electrical fires. Do not let sparks go unchecked and instead call for an electrical repair.
  • When outlets stop working properly. Outlets do not last forever and many need to be updated. If you have an older home that requires you to wiggle electrical cords or replace them frequently, you need an electrical repair.

If you have questions about electrical repair needs, we can help. Please contact us today to learn more.