Electrical Maintenance: What Is It, and Why Is It Necessary?

Your electrical equipment is an investment, and at Lake Electric Co. Inc., we provide electrical maintenance support that will greatly increase the lifespan of your machines.

What is Electrical Maintenance?

Electrical maintenance is the process of maintaining and preserving the working condition of your electrical equipment and systems to ensure they continue to run efficiently.

If It’s Working, Why Should I Invest In Maintenance?

Things wear out over time, especially in high-traffic areas with constant use. By conducting scheduled inspections, you will be able to identify potential problems before they escalate into critical ones.

Who Can Do Electrical Maintenance?

A scheduled inspection should be conducted by licensed electricians. They are trained in safety procedures, have access to building specifications, handle equipment diagrams and blueprints, and can guarantee the uninterrupted flow of electricity within a safe environment.

How Often Does My Electrical System Need To Be Tested?

Regular inspections are determined by the age of the building, the complexity of the electrical system, or the frequency of use. Timelines are recommended by a specialist depending on your facility needs.

What is Covered in the Inspection?

Using a variety of tools and equipment, our electricians follow procedures that include inspecting and testing equipment, fixing faulty wiring and components, and replacing worn parts.

Our team of skilled and trained industrial electrical contractors can perform virtually any industrial electrical repair work necessary for your facility. Whether you have lighting concerns, circuitry issues, or transformers out of commission, we can address all your electrical maintenance concerns. Schedule an inspection today!