High-Voltage Power Supply: Teach Employees These Safety Guidelines
Any time you use a high-voltage power supply at your business, it’s important to inform employees about the risks of working with this type of electricity and the safety precautions they should take every single day. While low-voltage power supplies might give someone a shock, high-voltage power supply can be incredibly dangerous. At Lake Electric Co. Inc., we’ve provided four safety guidelines you should always emphasize to your employees when they work with your high-voltage power supply.

  1. Emphasize Risk – Your employees should know that high-voltage power supply should be treated with respect. They should be alert at all times while they are working. Serious injury or death could be caused by failure to comply with appropriate safety measures.
  2. Know the Components – It’s also important to teach your employees about the components they will be working with that create the high-voltage power supply your facility uses. By giving them individual components to look at and work with prior to working with active lines, they will better understand what they are dealing with and how to respond appropriately.
  3. How to Ground – Part of taking safety precautions around any type of power supply is knowing how to ground properly. A good ground will provide the least resistance as current travels to the ground, and the pathway should be able to tolerate the full circuit current. Inform your employees of expected grounding measures and what they should do in the event of a possible electrical emergency.
  4. Work Safety – Working safely is the best way to ensure there are fewer risks involved when working with a high-voltage power supply. Having a two-person team on every job, wearing the appropriate safety equipment, and making sure to have good mental capacity on the job are critical.

If you have any questions about high-voltage power supply and the safety precautions you should take, contact us at Lake Electric Co. Inc. today for more information. We’ll be happy to assist you.