Electrical Lighting

It is complex enough to plan out lighting for your home, but when it comes to your business, electrical lighting takes on a whole new realm of complexity. Not only do you need to choose the right lighting fixtures, but you also need to consider code adherence, productivity, safety, and functionality. Here are the most important aspects of electrical lighting to keep in mind for your business:

  • Appearance: How your electrical lighting looks can impact how people see your business. You’ll want appropriate lighting, so you don’t have mysterious dark corners.
  • Function: Consider the location of each piece of electrical lighting to ensure it provides the right amount and type of light for the task at hand. You want your staff to be able to see what they are doing without creating eye strain that will result in headaches and lower productivity.
  • Safety: Some businesses like to create ambiance with electrical lighting, but be careful not to take it to the extreme where safety is compromised. Always have sufficient lighting for steps and other areas to avoid falls and deter crime.
  • Reliability: Choosing electrical lighting based on the lowest price is rarely a good idea. It won’t be reliable and could lead to disaster if made with substandard wiring.
  • Efficiency: While you don’t want to skimp on electrical lighting you need for safety and productivity, you should also be concerned with the efficiency of the lighting to keep your operating costs within budget.
  • Code Adherence: There is a reason building codes are in existence – to protect you and everyone else who comes into your building. Be sure you work with a qualified electrician that is abreast of all codes and dedicated to keeping your electrical lighting up to code.

When it has to be done right to meet these important aspects of electrical lighting, call us at Lake Electric Co. Inc., where we’ve made that a steadfast requirement for our workmanship since 1984. We can handle all your commercial electrical needs from installation through repair, including dealing with high-voltage power lines. Call today to learn more or to schedule service.