Keeping You Grounded: Seven Important Steps in Electrical Troubleshooting

At Lake Electric Co. Inc., our trained professionals are available 24/7 for any of your emergency electrical needs. As part of our services, we provide trained technicians specializing in electrical troubleshooting. We follow a specialized, seven-step process:

1)  Gathering Information: The first step in any good repair is observation. To ensure a thorough examination is carried out, gathering information is key to getting a complete understanding to how the circuit is supposed to operate.

2)  Understanding the Malfunction: Once the information is gathered, our technicians can proceed to understanding the malfunction to identify what part of the circuit is not functioning properly,

3)  Identifying Possible Causes: Key components have many possible causes to malfunction. Having a trained technician to identify them will help track the source of the problem.

4)  Identifying the Source of the Problem: Once the malfunction is isolated, we can identify the problem and begin working on repairs.

5)  Repairing the Component: Using their visual observations and technical knowledge to determine the identified problem, our technicians can initialize the electrical troubleshooting process.

6)  Verifying the Repair: After the repair is performed, we will test the circuit to ensure the system runs as required and that there are no remaining underlaying problems.

7)  Perform Root Cause Analysis: The final stage in the evaluation, this analysis will give our technicians valuable feedback to on how to prevent future re-occurrences through a more permanent solution.

By following these seven standard electric troubleshooting steps, our specialized technicians can give you the safety, quality, production and consistency that we value in order to effectively deliver electrical troubleshooting solutions.