Signs You Need a Commercial Electrical Repair

Electricity plays a pivotal role in the success of your business. It is a key component that needs to always be working properly for you. However, it may be possible that something has gone wrong, and you may be without power, have flickering lights, or another type of problem that requires an electrical repair. Here are some signs that it may time for an electrical repair.

  • Flickering lights. If you are noticing flickering lights in your workplace, there could be an issue with the light fixture or a more serious problem with the wiring. Often this issue has to do with the electrical system and not the lights themselves.
  • Tripping circuit breaker. It is common for a circuit breaker to trip and turn off sporadically, but if you are noticing this problem is happening multiple times a day, you might be overloading its capacity.
  • Electrical shocks. Getting shocked from a light switch or appliance may mean there is a problem with its grounding, or it may have improper electrical wiring.
  • Burning smell. If the wiring or electrical system is starting a fire, you may not see it right away, but you will smell it. If you smell something burning, get your electrical system inspected right away.

These are all common signs that it may be time to call for our services. If you require an electrical repair, we’ll be able to inspect, diagnose, and solve the issue for you.