The Four Most Common Switches in Electrical Wiring

Thinking of updating your electrical wiring but don’t know where to start? At Lake Electric Co. Inc., we keep on top of current trends and work to provide lighting solutions to help optimize your facility. Take the four most common switches, for example.

1)  Toggle: The most common switch, this is available in many formats, whether as a SPST, SPDT, DPDT, or DPST. It is denoted by a lever design that simply flicks between the on/off positions. Toggles are the most popular choice for switches, as they can be interchanged for both low and high currents and are available in a diverse range of sizes and ratings.

2)  Rocker: Also known as seesaw switches, rocker switches are distinctive for the rocking motion that the switch makes when pressed. They are most commonly used in electrical panels due to the backlit LED illumination that makes it easy to locate.

3)  Slider: Slide switches are frequently used in small spaces where range is limited and economizing important. Noted by a sliding motion, these switches are designed for low voltage and are most commonly seen in telecommunications and testing equipment.

4)  Push-Button: This switch is similar to the toggle switch in design, but has an added capacity favored in industrial settings. They make up the bulk of manual switches in industrial controls, as they have four terminals that can regulate larger voltages and have the added benefit of being equipped with a protective seal that is designed to prevent foreign particles from entering the switch and interfering with the mechanism.

Having the proper lighting at your facility is crucial. We can make sure that your electrical wiring is installed properly, as well as directed to the areas you need it most. Our consistent quality of workmanship includes ensuring your wiring and lighting equipment meets current safety regulations. To stay updated with your electrical wiring, contact us today.