Three Reasons Your Machinery May Require Electrical Repair
If you own and operate a commercial business, the last thing you want to deal with is a power failure. While there may not be too many signs or symptoms that you are on your way toward a necessary electrical repair, sometimes it’s the machines you need the most that become the cause for concern. While your equipment and machinery are what keeps your business going, your electrical wiring and circuits must be equipped to handle all the power that your equipment needs. Here are a few reasons why your machinery may cause you to need electrical repair at your facility:

  1. Circuits – Especially if your business is growing and you continue to add new equipment, it’s possible that your circuits aren’t equipped to handle all of the juice that your machinery needs. Whether you are noticing power issues (like flickering lights or power blinks) or you are planning to add new equipment soon, plan for dedicated circuits so you don’t have to worry about electrical repair issues.
  2. Wiring – Obviously, faulty wiring is a major concern at your facility, especially since it poses a major safety threat. What you may not know is that your machinery could be the culprit when it causes your wiring to short out or you don’t have a good electrical connection between the power source and the equipment. Having an electrical contractor check your machinery and your power connections could save you an unexpected electrical repair.
  3. Load – Electrical wiring that is under heavy load can be less efficient than you may need it to be. Not only is this caused by having too much equipment on one circuit, but it could also be a problem related to outdated wiring. Before you end up needing an electrical repair, have an electrical contractor check your facility’s wiring to make sure it can handle your intended usage.

At Lake Electric Co. Inc., we’ll be happy to provide the commercial electrical repair services you need, as well as annual inspections that keep your facility working its best. Contact us today to learn more.