Many of the top trends in electrical lighting

Electrical lighting is a fun and dramatic way to add style and ambiance to your business. With the right light fixtures, you can create a completely new mood or statement in your space. If you are in the market for new electrical lighting for a new or existing space, continue reading below for our expert tips on today’s top trends in electrical lighting.

  • Industrial Chic- Many of the top trends in electrical lighting today have been inspired from old factories and industrial spaces. Lighting fixtures in this category will include a lot of metal, wood and exposed lightbulbs. This has been a look that is very popular in business spaces.
  • Playful- Electrical lighting is a fun way to add a playful pop of color or texture to the most minimalistic or eccentric of spaces. Colored glass, wicker pendants, beads and geometric shapes are some of the latest and greatest textiles used in lighting fixtures.
  • Wall Sconces- Traditionally, wall sconces have been used on exteriors. Today, wall sconces are being used as an electrical lighting option inside and outside of commercial spaces, especially restaurants where space can be limited. This is a fun, trendy option that adds a lot of character while simultaneously saving you on interior space.

Electrical lighting can be a fun, unique and artistic addition to your business or commercial space. We here at Lake Electric Co. Inc. would love to help make all of your electrical lighting dreams come true. We are experts at all types of commercial and industrial electrical projects and services. Give us a call today!