how to save money on electrical services

If you are like most business owners, you have an endless list of expenses each month to keep things afloat. There are many expenses that come with owning a business, including insurance, property taxes, maintenance fees and more! One major cost to any business owner is electrical services. If you are looking to save some money (and who isn’t?), take a look at our top expert tips below for how to save money on electrical services.

  1. Watch your water temperature. Your water heater can be a big energy sucker, and if you have it set to very hot temperatures, it can be costing you more money on your business’ monthly bill. We suggest adjusting your water heater(s) to a lower setting to save money.
  2. Utilize technology. So many smart devices and appliances on the market today are designed with technology to conserve energy and save you money. Some examples are smart thermostat controls, energy-saving light bulbs, water heater boosters, kitchen appliances and more. Many businesses are also installing solar panels to save money on electrical services.
  3. Keep it full. If you are in the food service or hospitality industry, we highly recommend running full loads of wash so that you are not wasting money, energy, or water on half-loads. Additionally, keep your freezers and refrigerators as full as possible because the food provides more insulation.