Top Safety Tips for High-Voltage Power Lines

High-voltage power lines are amazing tools to deliver large amounts of electricity over great distances. They are big, powerful, and make our modern way of life a possibility. We have all seen these giants in our cities, but do you know general safety tips for high-voltage power lines? Here are some that we’ve put together:

  • Keep your distance. The top and easiest-to-follow safety tip for high-voltage power lines is to keep your distance. One of the biggest safety concerns is electrical shock, and this is less likely to happen if you are not close to the power line. Keep any people, machinery, and/or crops at a safe distance.
  • Avoid electrical shock. An electrical shock is the biggest risk to injury. It is important to know that high-voltage electrical power lines are not insulated, so electricity can travel through the air and electrically charge nearby objects. This is important to know because you could be electrocuted from touching something that is not a power line (for example, a tractor in a field containing power lines that is parked too close).
  • Tree precautions. Never trim trees near a high-voltage power line. Trained professionals from your power company will take care of any tree trimming for you. If you find that a tree has fallen into a high-voltage power line, immediately call your power company and absolutely do not attempt to remove the tree yourself.

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