LED commercial lighting retrofits

Have you started thinking about upgrading your commercial lighting with LED fixtures? Are you unsure about what comes next and exactly why you should continue with the retrofit? Read on to find out more about retrofitting your commercial lighting with LED lights.

What is an LED retrofit?

In basic terms, when you retrofit any aspect of your facility, you add something new that wasn’t there previously as part of the original construction. In the situation of adding new lighting, most installations that we do today are LED commercial lighting retrofits.

Why is an LED retrofit a good idea?  

There are three main reasons why upgrading your lighting to include LED fixtures is a good idea: cost savings, reduced maintenance, and enhanced energy efficiency. You may also be eligible for rebates when you retrofit your facilities with LED lights!

Should I replace the full lighting system or just the bulbs?

When it comes to LED lighting, luminaires and fixtures are different. If you want to use your current fixtures, you may reduce your conversion options when it comes to your bulbs. We recommend replacing not only the light itself, but also the housing, so you have every option on the market available to you.

Who should handle the retrofit?

Upgrading your commercial lighting requires proper electrical knowledge of commercial and industrial systems. Trust us to manage your retrofit, so you benefit fully from the cost and energy savings LED lighting systems offer.