When is an Electrical Replacement Required?

Electrical can be a tricky system, and it’s not uncommon to have a glitch here and there. However, if you are having the same repeated issues, you may want to consider having parts of your electrical system replaced. Here are common signs that electrical replacement may be required in your building.

  • Lights Flicker or Dim – Wiring that is damaged or frayed can cause the lights in your building to flicker or dim. This is a sign that you need some sort of wire replacement. This often occurs when you plug in an appliance and there is not enough power to support it.
  • You Have an Older Building – If your building is more than 30 years old, chances are you’ll need some electrical replacement or repair. Today we use a lot more technology than we did 30+ years ago, which requires more power. If you are experiencing power supply issues, especially when you plug in technology and appliances, this could be the reasoning.
  • You Smell Smoke or Burning Coming from the Outlets – Please contact an emergency electrician if you smell burning coming from one of your outlets, as this can be caused by an overworked circuit or a damaged wire that needs replacement. After you call an emergency electrician, go ahead and go to the breaker box and turn off power to that area to ensure the safety of you and others.
  • You’re Tripping the Breaker – If you find yourself constantly blowing a fuse or tripping the breaker, this can be a sign of overworking the power in your building. If your building requires more power than readily available, you are in need of an electrical replacement.

We hope this guide has helped you determine if you are in need of some sort of electrical replacement. If your problems make you feel you’re in immediate danger, always call 911 before contacting an electrician. If you have any questions regarding electrical replacement and the services we provide, please contact us at Lake Electric Co. Inc. today.