Why You Should Consider LED Lighting

When selecting your new lighting, you will have the option to choose LED, florescent, or incandescent lighting. All three of these lighting options will provide light to a room but they don’t all work the same and they definitely do not offer the same benefits. LED lighting is a superior product that will offer more benefits than other options. Below are our reasons why we feel you should consider LED lighting.

  • Efficiency – LED lighting is very efficient. LED lighting is able to convert 70% of its energy into light, which is far higher than any other option. Other lighting options waste a lot of their energy by creating heat and not as much light.
  • Lifespan – LED lighting can outlast other types of lighting by thousands of hours. It has a much longer life expectancy, which makes it more cost effective.
  • Brightness – LED lighting is capable of emitting much brighter light than other lighting options. Because of this high level of brightness, the industry can no longer use wattage as a measure of brightness. It now uses lumens.
  • Color Options – The way LED lighting is made you can rest assured that the color or shade of lighting you buy will remain for the entire life of the bulb. This is different than older, non-LED lightbulbs that start to lose their color over time.
  • Low Heat – LED lighting produces very little heat like incandescent lightbulbs. This makes them more efficient and safer.

We are firm believers that the best option is LED lighting. The benefits speak for themselves.