Your Insurance Coverage May Hinge on the Age of Your Industrial Wiring
If you own and operate an industrial facility, then you know the drill when it comes to keeping your operating systems up-to-code. From your HVAC to plumbing and electrical systems, they all need to be in good shape to pass inspection and make them safe and efficient. But, as your building ages and sees regular use, so do your various industrial systems, making them easy targets for problems down the line. What becomes more pressing, however, is that your insurance company may come knocking if your industrial wiring doesn’t seem to be up to par with your facility’s operations.

There are several instances in which you’ll want to update your industrial wiring in addition to having a full inspection throughout your commercial facility. The first is if your building is 20 years old or more and you have been using the same electrical systems since you acquired the property. The second instance is when you are experiencing operations issues because your industrial wiring isn’t equipped to handle your required usage. The third is when you plan to sell your building and you need to pass inspections to keep your insurance and your prospective buyer on good terms.

At Lake Electric Co. Inc., we know that keeping up with all the various systems at your commercial or industrial facility can take some planning and persistence. Fortunately, with the help of our experienced team, you can more easily keep your industrial wiring working its best, and therefore manage your insurance company’s requirements more effectively. Contact us today if you have questions about your facility’s industrial wiring or if you need to schedule repairs or installation. You can turn to us “when it has to be done right.”