LED Lighting, Hickory, NC

Let us help you experience the benefits of LED lighting for your commercial property.

LED Lighting in Hickory, North Carolina

At Lake Electric Co. Inc., we are more than just someone to call when you need a commercial electrician for repairs or wiring at your Hickory, North Carolina business. We truly care about the success of your business right down to lowering your costs so you can be more profitable. One of the services that we offer in this regard is switching commercial buildings over to LED lighting as much as possible. There are many other benefits involved with making this transition, as well.

On the first note, saving on your power bill, it might not seem like it would have a huge impact to go with LED lighting, but this handy lighting payback calculator offered by Cree Lighting can show you what changing just one fixture can do. When you take that figure and multiply it by how many fixtures you have, you’ll quickly see what you could stand to save and how quickly the new fixtures will pay for themselves. It is also worthwhile to see if Duke Energy is offering any lighting rebates that can help with your LED lighting investment.

Another benefit of LED lighting is that it does not put off the heat that other types of lighting do. This can further reduce your power costs by keeping your air conditioning system working more efficiently. You’ll save more than just power in this regard, as you’ll also pay less for repairs, dodge maintenance costs, and avoid premature replacement of the system.

These are just a couple of the benefits you can enjoy with an upgrade to LED lighting. If you would like to see how other companies throughout the country have benefited by lighting upgrades, check out the case studies offered by Cree Lighting. Seeing how many communities and businesses have benefitted can best reinforce our recommendation for making the switch to LED lighting for your business. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments, or concerns you might have or if you are ready to get a quote for making this valuable investment. We’re happy to help you make a smarter decision for your business.