LED Retrofits, Hickory, NC

We think you’ll find that the ROI with LED retrofits makes them a wise investment.

LED Retrofits in Hickory, North Carolina

Every business wants to do everything possible to create a competitive advantage in order to be successful. While change is a necessary part of growth, as Ellen Glasgow stated, “All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.” You need to know that every investment your company makes has a positive effect and an acceptable return on investment (ROI). At Lake Electric Co. Inc., we help area businesses in Hickory, North Carolina calculate the ROI of lighting upgrades, especially LED retrofits. We provide the facts you need to determine if an LED retrofit makes sense for your operation.

The interesting thing about LED retrofits is that there are many ways the investment pays for itself. For example, you stand to save between 50 and 90 percent on lighting energy usage. That can have a significant impact in such buildings as parking garages, manufacturing plants, and other facilities with a great deal of lighting. Since LED lights do not put off the heat that fluorescent lights do, you will be giving the air conditioning system a break which means lower cooling costs and adding to its lifespan. Another advantage of LED retrofits is a reduction in labor costs as they do not need to be replaced as often as fluorescents. Finally, LEDs emit light differently, focusing it downward instead of spreading it out, so you can experience improved illumination throughout your building.

If you would like to learn more about LED retrofits or any of the commercial electrical services we have to offer, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.