High-Voltage Power Supply, Hickory, NC

We offer consistent, reliable, and efficient electrical services for your high-voltage power supply in Hickory.

High-Voltage Power Supply in Hickory, North Carolina

At Lake Electric Co. Inc., we regularly service and maintain transformers and electrical controls, including facilities that utilize high-voltage power supply. Having a skilled and experienced team to help with this type of equipment is essential for the safety and efficiency of your facility. You can rely on us to ensure the safety of everyone at your site, as well as reliable work on your high-voltage power delivery in Hickory, North Carolina.

One of the many ways we can help at facilities using high-voltage power supply is through the inspection of your facility. We can document where waste may be occurring and help you implement an energy conservation program to improve your efficiency and cost-effectiveness over time. Although we provide a variety of industrial and commercial electrical services, our commitment to quality assures you dependable service on each and every call.

For consistent, reliable, and efficient electrical services for your high-voltage power supply at your facility, the only team you need is ours at Lake Electric Co. Inc. We have 30 plus years in business experience offering custom solutions and quality results for projects of virtually any scope and size. We can even assist with steel and concrete work at your facility, if required. Tooled to perform any job and licensed, insured, and bonded to meet the needs of our customers, we know that you’ll achieve your desired outcomes with our industrial and commercial electrical services. “When it has to be done right,” you can rely on us at Lake Electric Co. Inc. We’re a one-call shop; we can handle it all.


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