Industrial Lighting, Charlotte, NC

No matter what type of industrial lighting you need, we can install it at your facility.

Industrial Lighting in Charlotte, North Carolina

In an industrial facility, having the proper lighting is very important to the overall safety and security of the structure. Whether you’re building a new facility or making some changes to your current building, it’s helpful to leave the industrial lighting portion of the job to experts who know how to install and maintain the right types of light fixtures. Our team at Lake Electric Co. Inc. has a team of professionals who can install wiring and lighting in your industrial facility in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Many industrial clients opt for lighting options that can illuminate the large space while reducing energy waste. Certain types of bulbs and light fixtures can achieve both goals, providing enough light for assembly lines, warehouses, and other large-scale facilities, without wasting a lot of energy when they’re on. You can also choose security lighting that is motion-activated or turns on and off at certain times of the day. No matter what type of industrial lighting you need, we can install it at your facility.

Lighting for industrial buildings is just one of our areas of expertise at Lake Electric Co. Inc. We work closely with industrial building owners and managers to take care of their electrical needs, as well as with commercial construction companies to handle the installation of wiring, transformers, lighting, and electrical panels as part of the construction process. If you have any questions about industrial lighting or other industrial electrical services, give us a call.

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