Industrial Wiring, Charlotte, NC

If you have unique industrial wiring needs, we can handle all types of jobs.

Industrial Wiring in Charlotte, North Carolina

The wiring at your industrial facility can determine whether your electrical outlets and lighting work properly, as well as whether the building is safe for use. Outdated or poorly installed wiring can quickly become a major problem, especially when you have multiple pieces of equipment or other electrical devices plugged in at the same time. If you notice warning signs of wiring problems, such as sparks, heat or smoke coming from the outlets or fixtures, burning odors, or breakers that are constantly getting tripped, it may be time to update your industrial wiring.

At Lake Electric Co. Inc., we offer industrial wiring services in Charlotte, North Carolina. In addition to providing rewiring services, our experienced electricians can also take care of wiring as part of a renovation or new construction project. When we come to your industrial facility to plan the wiring and electrical installation, we will discuss options with you and make sure you have what you need for your employees to be productive.

We have worked on a variety of industrial facilities, including water treatment facilities, energy plants, nuclear facilities, government buildings, retail and warehouse buildings, strip malls, and professional structures. If you have unique industrial wiring needs, we can handle all types of jobs. These include high-voltage applications and installations for buildings with specific power needs for certain types of equipment. No matter what type of industrial wiring you need at your location, our licensed and bonded electricians can provide the services you need in an efficient manner.

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