Thermal Imaging, Hickory, NC

New technologies like thermal imaging allow us to quickly identify energy waste and potential problems with your electrical system in Hickory.

Thermal Imaging in Hickory, North Carolina

Here at Lake Electric Co. Inc., we are able to take advantage of new technologies like thermal imaging to benefit our customers at all types of commercial, industrial, institutional, retail and government facilities near Hickory, North Carolina. Thermal imaging allows us to quickly and easily scan various components of your electrical system, including the electrical cabinets, breaker panels, fuses, bolted connections and switchgear.

Here are some of the reasons we use thermal imaging technology in our electrical work:

  • Quick results: These cameras detect and measure heat in a few seconds. They can be used to scan large areas efficiently. As the technology has progressed, the images and videos generated have gotten sharper and clearer.
  • Easy documentation: New technology allows these cameras to connect to cell phone apps. They provide clear documentation of the results we can share with you and anyone else we need to while we are planning any needed electrical work.
  • Safe to use: This technology allows our technicians to work from a longer distance than other methods of detection, keeping us safer while we work.

Thermal imaging allows us to better identify issues with your electrical system and to plan solutions. We can find areas where energy is being wasted and improve the energy efficiency of your whole system, saving you money on your utility bills in the long term. We have identified load imbalances, overheating cables, loose connections, and other stressed electrical components with this technology.

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