Thermal Scanning, Hickory, NC

Thermal scanning is a highly effective method for identifying stressed electrical components at your facility in Hickory.

Thermal Scanning in Hickory, North Carolina

Many components of electrical systems are tucked away inside the walls of the facility when it is built. This can make inspecting it, maintaining it, and repairing it very challenging. Thermal scanning is a newer technology that allows electricians like us here at Lake Electric Co. Inc. to quickly and effectively identify problems, communicate any issues we discover to you, and make a plan to solve the problems. We have been working with commercial and industrial electrical systems in the area near Hickory, North Carolina for over 30 years and thermal scanning is just one tool in our complete arsenal of tools and equipment that helps us get the job done right.

Thermal scanning is a great tool for the following tasks:

  • Checking load imbalances
  • Identifying overheating cabling
  • Finding loose connections
  • Pinpointing stressed electrical components
  • Scanning electrical cabinets and breaker panels
  • Evaluating bolted connections and switchgear
  • Finding wasted energy in your system

Thermal scanning is easy to use. The infrared camera technology continues to get better and better, making it easier and faster to use and consistently delivering sharp and clear images and videos that can be shared wirelessly for documentation and planning purposes. It is highly accurate and allows us to work from a safe distance when there are potential health hazards in an electrical system. We can use thermal scanning to make important repairs, inspect your system and perform needed maintenance, as well as improving the overall energy efficiency of your system.

Give us a call today if you have any questions about thermal scanning or other electrical services. Whatever the job, we will deliver with safety, quality, efficiency, and consistency.