Vacuum Excavation (Dry & Hydro), Hickory, NC

Vacuum Excavation (dry & hydro) are effective for resolving problems with underground utilities and for installing them.

Vacuum Excavation (Dry & Hydro) in Hickory, North Carolina

Having the power lines and other utilities underground at your Hickory, North Carolina commercial, industrial, or institutional buildings is the best way to keep them protected from severe weather and other damage. However, when something goes wrong, it is important to work with an experienced company to find the problem and uncover the lines to make the repairs. At Lake Electric Co. Inc., we have the specialized equipment needed to do this type of project safely. Vacuum excavation (dry & hydro) allow us to locate underground services without causing additional damage and trauma to the area.

We first assess the situation to determine whether high-pressure water or air would be the best solution. We base our decision on such factors as the safest route for our workers to avoid trench cave-in or line damage. In addition, we consider what your needs are in terms of speed and if you would like to maintain material to refill the hole. For example, hydro excavation is the faster of the two and is quite efficient but does not allow for the reuse of the material. Once the type of vacuum excavation (dry & hydro) is determined, we set to work.

Vacuum excavation (dry & hydro) can also be used to lay the path for new power, fiber optic, and other lines. If you have added another building on your property and need to get utilities to it, just let us know and we’ll handle both the vacuum excavation and putting in the lines. Call today if you have any questions about any of our electrical and specialty services.